Welcome to the 2016 Contemporary Scavenger Hunt!

January 25, 2016
Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to finally get this post up. The scavenger hunt started today at 12:00 P.M. PST and will be running through Wednesday. To see the full list of authors and their corresponding posts, visit the "Begin Here" page. More links will be added as posts go live, but right now there's 18 amazing authors participating! (16 of which are live at the moment) At each of the stops, there's a code word hidden. Those code words are necessary to figure out the following quote:

"______ (Anna Michels) _____ (Kathryn Holmes) _______ (Erin Jade Lange) _____ (Anna Michels) ____ (Kathryn Holmes) that ____ (Mindi Scott & Michelle Andreani) ____ (Robin Constantine) ____ (Sarvenaz Tash) ______ (Emily Albright) _____ (K.C. Held) _____ (Leah Konen) _____ (Marieke Nijkamp) into it you can ____ (Danika Stone) from the _______(Rebecca Podos), into a story that's ____(Shannon Parker) ____ (Laurie Elizabeth Flynn) ______ (Emily Martin) than yours _____ (Ashley Herring Blake) ____(Kim Culbertson) ____(Jessica Love)."

Once you have the completed quote, go to the "Prizes" tab to enter the amazing giveaway! There's some seriously cool stuff in it ;)

Anna will have her post up soon, but until then her code word is: I. Shannon's word is way!

Announcing the Winners

November 1, 2014
Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt this year! It was a lot of fun and we're hoping to do it again next year :) The winners have been picked for the two main giveaways and are listed below:

Leg 1 Prize Pack: Kayley F.
Leg 2 Prize Pack: bn100

2014 Contemporary Release of the Winner's Choice (x2):
Ashley C.
Cali W.

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt

October 26, 2014
Hi everyone! The YA Contemporary Scavenger Hunt has officially started and we're excited to kick things off. To get started, head over to the "Begin Here" page. The links to every author on both legs of the scavenger hunt are listed there. We'll also be posting a list of all of the individual giveaways with links by the end of the scavenger hunt. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to tweet either of us or comment below. Happy scavenger hunting! :)
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